• Contemporary, minimalist architecture;

  • Category 5 cyclone proof structure; and

  • Offices and server hall.

The centre provides for two critical facilities, that will continue to function before, during and after a severe cyclone or other natural disaster:


  • The Local Disaster Co-ordination Centre - LDCC – Government operated emergency facilities required to manage and co-ordinate state, local government and community services; and

  • The North Queensland Regional Data Centre – NQRDC - containing a massive computer server bureau, operated by state and local government, and private corporations.


The centre was constructed over an 18-month period with an engineered external envelope and roof able to withstand cyclonic wind pressure and flying debris experienced in a category 5+ storm event. With self-contained water, sewerage, and power supplied by multiple generators with 100% redundancy, it is able to operate independently for several days without external supply.

LDCC Exterior
LDCC Exterior 2
LDCC Foyer
LDCC Kitchen
LDCC offices 1
LDCC Offices 2
LDCC Offices 3
LDCC Offices 4